In 2001, with interest rates falling, and excessive money printing taking place, our firm decided to specialize in precious metal mining shares. We could see that a bull market in precious metals would soon appear. It did, of course.

To take advantage of the bull market, we examined every precious metal methodology available at the time. John Doody’s GSA-10 program easily came in first place. His method was simple. Just pick the ten best gold stocks, out the field of 500. Then change the mix keeping only the best of the lot. For example, when #11 overtakes #10, #10 is sold. It was so simple that most firms missed it.

We didn’t, and put our clients into his program on January 1, 2001. The program was so successful that we even wrote a book about it. The Coming Gold & Silver Mining Share Explosion is a best seller on Audible, Kindle and Amazon’s paperback. You can listen to it below:

How did John’s program do from 2001 to 2016? It worked, as we say in our book, ” boy did it work”. John’s program gained 729.1% for 16 years, or 27.3% per year. And these results are audited by “ALPHA”, the same firm that audits the mutual fund industry.

Now to some, 27.3% average growth per year doesn’t sound like much, but let’s compare it with Warren Buffet’s amazing track record. Buffet’s at his 2015 shareholder’s meeting, announced that during the past 50 years, his company, Berkshire Hathaway’s grew at 21.6% a year, far below John Doody’s results.

Those investors that bought Berkshire Hathaway 50 years ago and stayed with it, became early millionaires, many times over. The stock gained an amazing 1,827,163% (yes, that’s 1.8 million percent). You’ll have to listen to our book to see how our clients did with the GSA-10 program during the past 16 years. We are not permitted to mention client account performance numbers, but we legally can give you the GSA-10 numbers, and tell you that we follow the program to a tee.

Will John Doody’s GSA 10 gold stock program and his new GSA 5 silver continue to gain at the 27.3% rate? We think so, but our lawyers tell us to say: “past performance is no guarantee of future results”.

Note: When either the GSA 10 or the GSA-5 programs rise 50% in any calendar year, 25% of your account, will be placed in the Sprott Gold ETF. Subsequently, should the GSA programs fall 25%, the Sprott ETF will be sold, and the proceeds redistributed into the GSA programs./vc_column_text]

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