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OUR APPROACH, the 4 Step Process

At Miller & Associates, we follow the New York Stock Exchange rule #405: know your customer. In light of this, we follow a strict four-step-program:

  • 1: Begin with a Personal Interview, usually via Skype, as it is more convenient.
  • 2: Fact Finding & presentation of our recommendations(s).
  • 3: Implementing the program slowly.
  • 4: Communicating with the client.

The Process:

During the Skype interview, the client will decide hw much to invest in the GSA-10 and or the GSA-5 Silver. The GSA-5 silver program is new. It gives the client the ability to invest in the world’s top 5 silver stocks, according to John Doody, and his annalists. Smaller accounts are now utilizing just the GSA-5 program, as they feel silver will far outperform gold going forward. we feel that way too. Many clients use this program as their main investment vehicle.

According to the financial planning text books, prudent planning calls for at least 20% of your investment nest egg, be invested in precious metal stocks. The experts use precious metal stock investing as insurance against a falling stock market. However, due to the present bubble now forming in the general stock market, many clients are investing far more than the text-book 20%. Further, some clients are using our GSA method for 100% of of their portfolio. Why? Because our GSA-10 program has beaten the stock market hands down as you can see, John Doody’s method has beaten the stock market handily. Compare the Dow Jones average yearly growth rate of 7.75% against his (our) GSA-10 program’s record of 45% average gain per year. The timeframe is from January 1, 2001 to September 27, 2019.

Once the client has decided how much to place in to the program, then the client’s brokerage account at Interactive Brokers. Half of your account’s funds will be invested in either the GSA 10 or 5 or both immediately (but slowly). Then the remaining half of the funds will be invested, on market dips.

Our firm is constantly on the alert for a new signal from John Doody. When received, his instructions are carried out quickly and efficiently.

At the end of each year according to the GSA method, we do an “offset” program. Stocks that have gains will see some of their shares sold, and proceeds invested in those GSA shares that underperformed. John Doody attributes much of his performance success to this year-end evening off process.