Q. What is the minimum size account?
A. No minimum at present.


Q. What Discount brokerage firm do you use for our trades?
A. The largest and safest: Interactive Brokers. You have your choice of their Hong Kong office, or their U.S. office. Our firm is dual licensed, and the only investment advisory firm permitted to use their Hong Kong Office.


Q. Will I receive monthly statements?
A. Yes, from Interactive Brokers Directly.


Q. Can I see the activity in my account?
A. Yes, you will receive codes cards enabling you to view your account 24 hours a day.


Q. How long will it take to get started in your program?
A. A few minutes for us, but usually a few days for Interactive Brokers. We will help you with their application process.


Q. Do you have to call me before each trade?
A. No, we make trades in your accounts based on what John Doody’s GSA program so directs. The constant due diligence of John Doody keeps clients in only the best of the best gold and silver stocks. This accounts for our excellent 27.3% per year growth record.


Q. Can I quit the program at any time without penalty?
A. Yes.


Q. Has your firm has any client complaints lodged against you with any regulatory body?
A. No.


Q. Can you explain how the program works, and your track record?
A. Our audited track record is considered the best in our industry at 21.6% average growth per year. To learn how the program works, please go to the top of the page and click on “The Coming Gold & Silver Share Explosion!


Q. Can we buy physical gold and silver from your firm?
A. No, but you can from our affiliate company, IDP Consulting Group, LLC at 1-855-860-6800