You take out insurance on your car & home, why not on your investments?

Do you have a true “risk management” plan for your retirement portfolio to avoid the next market crash?

Do you have a plan that will provide diversification in your portfolio? Our clients do.

Do you now have an investment plan that can honestly say that it grew at 45% average gains per year, from January 1, 2001 to September 27, 2019? This works out to 840.7% growth, and these results are audited.

Does your financial advisor have over 40 years of experience providing investment services to clients? John Miller, our managing partner, was, and still is, securities licensed since 1967.

How will rising inflation impact your future cash flow and lifestyle? You will find that precious metals and precious metals shares, have more than kept up with inflation going back hundreds of years.

Are you taking too much risk in your portfolio? Most investors today are. Our GSA-10 and 5 mining share programs should reduce portfolio risk substantially!

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